Welcome to the lab

January 24, 2021
tags:  blogmeta


Welcome to the first post on the Empirically Awesome Games blog -- Lab Notes.

This will be a place for me to ramble about game design, game mechanics, explorations of some of the weirder and rarer games in my collection, and session reports of games that I'm playing. There will of course be some Empirically Awesome content on here, but there will likely be more content exploring other people's games.

Posts here will be irregular at best. I'm not really blogging for any particular audience other than myself, but I figured there might be somebody interested in some of these topics. If someone finds this place interesting -- or even helpful? -- that would just be great. If not, at least I entertain myself :)

A slight warning -- some of the games I'll be discussing around here are older, of a different time, or deal with sensitive issues. As a result, I've implemented a content warning system that should hopefully minimize accidental exposure to difficult topics. If you see any red boxes around the blog, know that I'm just trying to look out for everyone. If you find any posts that you think should be labeled with a warning that I've missed, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Anyway, thanks for reading. See you around the lab!

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